Monday, 15 June 2015

Review & New Try : Pal-o-Mine - Canada's Oldest Chocolate Bar


Today's review will be on Canada's oldest chocolate bar: the Pal-o-Mine bar by Ganong Brothers Limited.

The Pal-o-Mine bar was introduced in 1920 after years of the company testing and developing different versions and recipes. The Ganong Bros. Limited Company was founded in 1873, I will be making a full post on the history of this historic brand, please stay tuned for that!

But for now, the chocolate bar itself! Let me start off by saying I have never tried this bar before, having turned away peanuts and other nuts for most of my childhood I only started enjoying their uniqueness recently. Even more recently, nuts in chocolate have made it to my list of candy to eat. I didn't like crunchy bits.

The bar is marketed as "Fudge & Peanuts". Before opening, I carefully inspected the bar to feel it's shape and it felt quite stiff. I was afraid it might hurt my teeth. After opening and biting into the bar I was quite surprised to find a soft, almost melty inside. It was definitely more Fudgey than Peanut. It was like a peanut flavoured fudge. I didn't taste a single peanut piece in the whole bar. It had a homemade fudge dipped in semi-sweet chocolatey taste which was very pleasantly unexpected.

Overall I would rate this bar a 4/5 and will definitely be purchasing again in the future!

Hope you enjoyed my first review, thank you for reading and please stay tuned for more exciting content!

Purchased at my local Grocery Store for $1.29 CAD

-The Sweet Bean

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