Sunday, 14 June 2015

Introducing... The Sweet Bean!

Hello fellow Candy Lovers!

Welcome to The Sweet Bean! Inspired by the various candy related blogs I've been reading over the past few years I've decided to create my own. Here on The Sweet Bean I will be sharing my musings, comments, reviews, even recipes all related to candy and other confectioneries.

Even people who only know me a bit know one thing about me: Candy Obsessed! I've told almost everyone I know about my dreams to one day open a candy store.

Ever since I was young I've had a fascination with everything candy related. Not just eating it (although that is a major plus) but also how it is made, packaged and sold has always intrigued me. There can be the same brand of chocolate bar in two different countries but have different recipes and can taste completely different! Of course I have my faithful favourites I have been eating since I was a kid, which I will divulge, but I've also expanded my horizons and have developed new favourites which I never expected to enjoy.

Candy is always changing and the trend for what's popular at the moment can differ from year to year or country to country. What will always remain constant is the joy and satisfaction you get from ripping open that shiny, well designed package and enjoying what's inside.

Although due to my location of Nova Scotia, Canada I wont always have access to some of the new and exciting offerings someone in the US might have, I will do my best to discuss and review just as exciting Canadian counterparts.

I can't wait to keep tasting and learning more about candy, please stay tuned for upcoming reviews, spotlights, recipes and much much more! Stay Sweet!

-The Sweet Bean

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