Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Miscellaneous : Kinder Surprise Minions

I've been seeing these little Kinder Egg Minions all over the place lately, obviously due to the new Minions movie coming out in a few weeks. I thought I would share a couple photos since I know you can't easily get Kinder Surprise Eggs in the US which is very unfortunate!

I grew up enjoying Kinder Eggs often and I would have so much fun putting together the little toys that came inside. The cases that the toy comes in has changed since I was young, they are quite easy to open now.

I do enjoy how the chocolate tastes even though the "white" chocolate part is not real white chocolate. It is the perfect amount of chocolate for a small snack.

The toy I got was a Minion in a Napoleon outfit who's face turns from smiling to a grimace if you twist him at the bottom, pretty cute!

Hope you enjoyed this little share!

-The Sweet Bean

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