Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Mini Review : Tunncock's Caramel Log

Going across the pond on this one!

This is my first import chocolate bar review, a Caramel Log by Tunncock's. I purchased this at The Bulk Barn in the imported chocolate bar aisle. The package of this little bar is kind of vintage looking. I don't know anything about this company but it looks like it could have been around for a while as a chocolate bar. It's got that nostalgic look to it which is probably what made me gravitate towards it.

A lot of food retailers have started to carry import goods and confectioneries which I am enjoying. The Bulk Barn itself has several British chocolate bars for sale such as Flake, Yorkie, Double Decker, and so on. However I have tried all of those bars before so I thought I would pick this little bar. It is only 27 grams so it is very small.

As you can tell by the photos the log is a caramel wafer covered in a light layer of chocolate topped with roasted coconut shavings. I never used to like coconut, but as of late I have been enjoying it in my chocolates and baking.

It was very enjoyable as a small, light snack. I would compare it to a very small caramel flavoured Kit Kat Bar with coconut shavings on the outside. The taste is not too overwhelmingly caramel or coconut. Just a hint of both.

I enjoyed this and would rate it a 3.5/5 I wouldn't likely purchase again though because there are so many other British/import chocolate bars for me to try!

-The Sweet Bean

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