Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Review & New Try : Big Turk by Nestle


Today is a Review as well as a New Try on Nestle's "Big Turk" Turkish Delight chocolate bar. This is another one of those bars which I have always seen at the stores but never actually thought would be a good idea to try. It just never appealed to me, I must have thought it was an older person's type of chocolate bar. The packaging just never caught my eye, nor did I see or hear of anyone else ever buying them. I believe I have only had a real Turkish Delight once while in England, and thought it was quite nice. 

This bar is manufactured by Nestle Canada exclusive to Canada. It is a 60 gram bar which is marketed as "60% Less fat than the average chocolate bar" which could be quite appealing if you are a health conscious candy consumer like myself.

The shape of the bar is a long oblong shape with contours and it feels quite stiff and is kind of hard to pull apart since the inside is basically a jelly. The jelly on the inside is a dark pinkish or purpleish colour which is more evident in direct sunlight.

I would compare the inside taste of the bar to the flavour of a gummy bear and the stiffness of a fresh jujube. Since I am a very big gummy candy and gummy bear fan I really enjoyed this and was surprised at how it tasted. The ingredients do not specify what the flavour of the jelly inside is it just says "artificial flavours" but I would say it almost tasted like a hint of strawberry. The chocolate coating was your basic chocolate bar covering: not the best quality but still moderately appetizing,

I give this bar a 4/5 and plan on repurchasing tomorrow as my snack! Yum.

-The Sweet Bean


  1. I think the turk bar is more like a chocolate covered jube jube


    1. Thanks for the comment! I appreciate your input. :)

  2. The actual packaging list it as natural flavour... it is most commonly suguested it tastes like perfume...rose