Friday, 19 June 2015

Faithful Favourite - Wonka Bottle Caps

Good day! Happy Friday.

I'd like to share with you one of my Faithful Favourite candies. Wonka Bottle Caps!

I have been enjoying these soda pop flavoured compressed dextrose candies since I was little at the time when they were still in the pouches instead of the rolls or theatre size boxes. Their sizes differ as they do make the size of the bottlecaps in the theatre size boxes quite a bit smaller than the roll. 

I've heard some people in the US say they can't find Bottle Caps that easily, however in Nova Scotia they have them at almost all convenience stores, which I am quite thankful for!

The flavours are: grape, cola, cherry, orange, and root beer. I personally find the orange and root beer flavours to be the most pleasant. If you suck on them for long enough they almost dissolve in your mouth.

Wonka candy has always been one of my favourtie candy brands and I could go on for hours how much I enjoy their products! You will start to notice a trend of Wonka candy in my Faithful Favourties posts. Stay tuned for more reviews on candy by Wonka as well as a Spotlight on the Wonka Company and how an imaginative book turned movie changed how the world saw candy and chocolate.

About a year ago during the summer, I used to unroll the Bottle Caps and take photos of the flavour disbursement so I could track it! After consuming and documenting about 8 rolls in a week and a half (still not tiring of their taste) I came to the conclusion they are not even in the amount of each roll, you get what you get. Which is fine by me because usually I would get a lot of root beer!

-The Sweet Bean

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