Saturday, 20 June 2015

Review - Maynards Beanz : Part One - Swedish Berries

Welcome back!

As you can tell by the title of this blog, I am a fan of Beans! Whether that be jelly beans, bean vegetables or bean legumes, I enjoy them all!

Over a year ago Maynards introduced a new type of candy which they called Beanz which turned popular preexisting candy into jelly bean form. Jelly Bean form of popular candies have been a trend recently, from Starburst to Jolly Rancher, a lot of brands are trying it out.

When I first saw Maynards Beanz it was the Swedish Berries ones. I was so intrigued and had to try them out! 

Originally I did not enjoy how they tasted that much. Somehow their was no pizazz or interest in these little beans. The squishyness of a normal Swedish Berry was lost and didn't translate in bean form. They are definitely not uniform in size and shape and can vary to almost double. I do enjoy regular Swedish Berries, but usually do not choose to buy them if given the choice.

Upon consumption for this blog post I standby my previous statement in that I don't particularly find these exciting. They are quite chewy and since they are so small don't have the full flavour of a Swedish Berry nor do they quite have the jelly center of a jelly bean. Not enough of either going on. Maybe if you are more of a Swedish Berries fan to begin with you might enjoy these.

I do find them quite appealing to look at. With their varying shapes and sizes, they look pretty cute in the palm of your hand.

I would rate Maynards Beanz Swedish Berries a 2.5/5... which I would call "Hmm, they are alright". 

Here is the rest of the Maynards Beanz, stay tuned for reviews on Fuzzy Peaches and Sour Patch Kids.

-The Sweet Bean

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