Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Review: Thrills Gum - "It Still Tastes Like Soap!"

Hello again and welcome back to The Sweet Bean!

Today for review I will be featuring a Gum... Thrills!

If you were a Canadian child in the 1970's or 1980's you will know this one for sure! Thrills Gum is a purple "rosewater" flavoured gum that has been compared to tasting like soap. Yes, soap. It even brands itself as so with a slogan of "It still tastes like soap!" Which I find quite amusing. It was originally manufactured by a company based out of London, Ontario called O-Pee-Chee. However, it is now made by Concord Confections.

I have had this gum in the past... not particularly willingly. My Mother used to share her fond memories with me of going to the bowling alley with her older sister in the 1970's who would give her nickles to buy this purple gum from the candy dispensers.

I remember the first time she bought it for me and my siblings and we thought it tasted terrible! She kept on chewing though, as she reminisced about her childhood. She actually did enjoy how it tasted of soap!

However, trying it now, several years later I have grown to almost appreciate the strange soapy flavour. The rosewater floral flavour is much more strong for the first couple of seconds, but then subsides to more of a mellow floral taste as you chew it for more minutes. As I currently chew the gum, minutes pass and it hasn't gone stale yet, which is a bonus for me as I hate stale gum!

Overall, I would rate this gum a 2/5 for flavour and overall enjoyment. I would definitely classify this as a novelty or nostalgic candy to enjoy with someone who can share their unique stories of enjoying this gum in "The Good Ol' Days".

Hope you enjoyed this post, another Canadian classic confectionery!

Purchased at Dollarama for $0.77

-The Sweet Bean

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  1. I remember those Thrills so long time ago too. I also liked Double Bubble and Chiclets! The good old days of Bubble Gum.

    Keep up the sweet sweet candy tales, they bring back the memories.

  2. Don't forget Bazzoka Joe gum and the little came that came in the pack.

  3. Don't forget Bazzoka Joe gum and the little comic that came in the pack.

    1. Yes, when that gum was fresh it was great gum! When it was stale, oh boy was it bad on the teeth.

  4. Good Job I recommend smartie bars for review


    1. Thank you for the suggestion! I will definetly be reviewing the Smarties bar in the future.